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Stop, Look and Listen Day with the Revd. Dr. Joe Kennedy.
A Day with the Book of Esther


Writing along the Way with Julia McGuinness.
Friday 14th - Sunday 16th July 2017


Age on Your Agenda? with Ann Morisy
Monday 17th- Friday 21st July 2017


Stop, Look and Listen day for September with the Revd. Jenny Bridgman.
Growing in Confidence


A Day on Mindfulness with Shaun Lambert.
Saturday September 23rd 10am-4pm ‘Mindfulness of God & Personal Transformation’


'Following St. Francis' a day with the Revd. Pamela Soult
Thursday 5th October ‘Following St. Francis’


Stop, Look and Listen day with Molly Dow.
Time with God


Thriving through change with Bishop Chris. Edmondson


Stop, Look and Listen with the Revd. Rob. Munro.


Preparing for Advent with Bishop Libby Lane.
Friday 24th 6pm-Sunday 26th November 2pm 'Coming to Life in Advent'


Stop, Look and Listen Day in Advent with the Revd. Jonathon Green.
The days are intended to be an encouragement for people in ministry and for others. Stop – step back from your busy-ness, make some space Look – at the beauty of creation, at the world around you, at your own life Listen – to what God is saying to you today

Stop, Look and Listen Days at Foxhill House
This is the title of a regular day at Foxhill to be held every second Monday starting in February 2017.

The days are for people from all walks of life:

Stop: and step back from your busyness; and make some space.

Look: at the beauty of creation; at the world around you; at your own life.

Listen: to what God is saying to you today.

Cost: £21 including lunch and refreshments

Booking Forms are now available from:

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