Tel. 01928 733777

There are 16 single en-suite study bedrooms with tea & coffee making facilities in each.

In addition there are 4 twin rooms (2 are DDA compliant).

Free broadband internet is available. There is lift access from the ground floor to the first floor, also down to the chapel.


The chapel is available at all times and there is open access to all of the attractive grounds and gardens comprising approximately 70 acres of mature woodlands.

Foxhill chapel was  completely refurbished in 2006, with more comfortable seating, new windows and an improved heating system. The views of the woodland surrounding the chapel are stunning, with trees, birds and the occasional wild animal only yards away from the congregation. It is not unknown for a service to halt temporarily while everyone watches a vixen and cubs stroll past the windows!

The chapel is fully accessible to wheelchair users as indeed are all the conference facilities.

Warden's Message

At Foxhill leaves and flowers are appearing on many of the trees and bushes. Leaves and flowers that were not on display one day, seem to ‘suddenly’ appear. In the busyness of life it is easy to miss this silent new life breaking forth... Read more


Pentecost Prayers for Evangelism at Foxhill led by +Libby.

Please come and join us.

The Archbishops have issued a Call to Prayer in the season of Pentecost and they are inviting every parish priest, and their people, to join them in a week of prayer for evangelism.

In response to the Archbishops’ invitation Bishop Libby is arranging prayer times in the chapel at Foxhill and she invites you to join her to pray particularly for our own Diocese of Chester. The time will vary each day and is as follows:

Monday 9th May, 7am -7.30am

Tuesday 10th May, 7pm – 7.30pm

Wednesday 11th May, 12noon – 12.30pm

Thursday 12th May, 8pm – 8.30pm

Friday 13th May, 9.30am – 10.00am

Saturday 14th May, 4pm – 4.30pm