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The Woodlands (Arboretum)

Foxhill is set in approx 70 acres of Cheshire woodland which incorporates an arboretum containing several species of rare plants and trees. Part of the site is a designated area of outstanding natural woodland. The vistas from the crest of the wood take in the Mersey Estuary and the Welsh Clwydian Hills.

The Arboretum is open to all guests using the centre (weather permitting). The grounds give an opportunity for the keen birdwatcher to see woodpeckers, jays, buzzards and other birds of prey. Foxes, badgers and field-mice can often be spotted, too.

Some of the trees in the Arboretum are among the finest specimens in the country, and include birches, redwood, elm, eucalyptus, pines, ‘monkey-puzzles’ and a Gingko Biloba from Japan– the latter often called ‘a living fossil’.

Foxhill Woodland and Arboretum might take a day to explore, but could take a lifetime to get to know. The arboretum is an undiscovered gem, which helps to make Foxhill one of the  most unique conference venues in the whole of the UK.

Please come and explore it with us. Please bring appropiate footwear.

There is a leaflet outlining some suggested walks available at the house – or please do make contact and we will gladly supply a copy.

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Stop, Look and Listen Days at Foxhill House
This is the title of a regular day at Foxhill to be held every second Monday starting in February 2017.

The days are for people from all walks of life:

Stop: and step back from your busyness; and make some space.

Look: at the beauty of creation; at the world around you; at your own life.

Listen: to what God is saying to you today.

Cost: £21 including lunch and refreshments

Booking Forms are now available from:

**Special Offer- Book for nine days and attend the tenth for free!**


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